Contact Centre price list


Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, French, Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Polish.

Agent minute rate: 0.6€

Typical SLAs:

From “standard”

  • 80% of all inbound calls answered within 40 seconds
  • 90% of all inbound emails responded to within 24hrs

Through to “immediate”

  • 99% within max 5 minute response time

Current coverage:

  • English 24 x7 x 365
  • Croatian 8-21h00 7 days a week
  • German 8-21h00 Mon-Fri and 9-17h00 Weekends
  • Italian 9-21h00 7 days a week
  • All other languages during local business hours of countries served.

Specific pricing available on a case by case basis upon request.